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Pictures and scores

By: Liberty Hollow Whitetail Hunts
Posted on October-22-2014

I truly enjoy being a part of a hunters memory in the field. The look on the face of a successful hunter is priceless!!   We have new hunters every year that experience  success for the first time while hunting with us.  This is even better!

 I have been witnessing something in the last couple years whereby Hunters are  basically obsessed with scores and pictures. Unfortunately pictures and scores are completely consuming hunters to the point that they are missing out on the enjoyment of the hunt.  As a preserve owner, I understand the need for pictures, scores, etc.  The big issue is when the Hunter  who is clueless as to how big a buck really is, is basing success on brow-tines or inside spreads. ...   Newsflash, Pictures RAIRLY do a Deer justice. I deal with Deer every day and I have trouble with pictures.. We also do not alter pictures to enhance size or quality.  I know for fact that several outfitters photoshop Deer to increase size and remove fences,etc.!  I never thought it would come to this. It's as though  Hunters want to pick a Buck out of Cabalas catalog.  I had a guy ask me to send a picture of a 140 Buck. My son actually sent him pictures  of 200 plus inch Bucks by mistake and the Hunter emailed me to say the Bucks were on the small size. He also said the body itself was small. One Buck weighed in at 308 lbs! Just for fun I sent them pictures of 400 inch Buck from a breeder we deal with.  the Hunter said that was better but he didn't like the brow-tines.  Yep, then he wanted to negotiate prices with me too.  I want a 150 inch  perfect 10 point  Buck with a 22 inch inside spread, 14-16 inch G2's, etc. etc,etc . and @ $1500.00 ..  I like how they say I will hunt with you every year if I can accommodate them this year!!! I guess they are testing me!!!  Yea, and he just  might have a friend who wants to hunt also. Oh, and does this price include lodging, meals,butchering,etc.?? Hello, Hello, you still their? Did we get disconnected?   No,, I'm just at a loss for words.. 

I understand times have changed and Huters are utelising modern methoids to both  locate  and even harvest Animals and for that matter locate outfitters,etc.  I truly feel it's important that one does not loose touch with the enjoyment of the hunt ! 

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Article By: Liberty Hollow Whitetail Hunts
Southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States
610-972-9768 Wayne

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