After thinking about some of the recent post in regards to offering a Youth Hunt. I decided I am going to offer A lucky young Boy or Girl a free Doe hunt at Liberty Hollow Whitetail Hunts. 
Hunt includes a night at our cabin, skinning and butchering and I am working on our taxidermist for a free or discounted mount. This is an all expense paid trip!
We feel the kids are our future of hunting and we need to keep them interested in tradition of Hunting, fishing, and the Outdoors in general.

#1 Dad or Mom or Grand POP or Grand mom, ETC, has to sit with the Child..

#2 Adults have to assist anyway necessary to make the shot.etc. 

It's at the parents desecration as to weather your child may see the Deer being processed.

This is how it will work. Send me your child's name and address and birth date and the guardians contact information, 
My daughter will assign everyone a number we will put all the numbers in a bowl and she will pick. The drawing will be made and announced on October 1 2013.

Email all information to Phone Number 1-610-972-9768