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Where are the Youth Hunters???

By: Liberty Hollow Whitetail Hunts
Posted on September-16-2013

The Youth are our future! I have heard it said many times, but It never really sunk in until a recent Dove hunt. Fact is, I have not  hunted Doves for quite a few years. I was always fishing  the first couple weeks of Dove season and by the time I would start, the birds would be pretty smarten up,etc. This year I had a group of guys come from NY to hunt Doves so I thought I would tag along. Dove hunting in PA does not start until noon. It has always been a tradition that the guys would hang out until about 11 to 11:30 in the lot beside an old Quarry.  We would sit their and shoot the breeze for a couple hours then head out for the hunt. The first thing I noticed was the age of the guys hunting. My kid was the youngest one and he is 22, that's right 22 years old.  Being a smart A##, I said to the younger Men, don't any of you guys have kids? The answer not only surprised me, so did the conversation that ensued.  One guy told me he has 2 boys and one girl, this guy is also a taxidermist, he said he can't pay his kids to hunt with him. Another guy told me his kid refuses to get up early on a Saturday to dress up like a tree and sit in a field. Another fellow told me his 13 year boy is in rehab the same with his 15 year Nephew.  The stories go on. The best one was the guy with the kid who prefers to play hunting on the Cabalas hunting game. What a joke!!!   When I was a 12 year  old I ate, slept and dreamt hunting, regardless if it was Doves or Deer!!  What happened?  Where are all the kids. Well, we were getting ready to head out when a guy showed up with his two sons. One was all gun hoe to hunt, the other boy  wanted to stay in the car because he wasn't aloud  to bring his cell phone, his dad said " Fine bring it"  When I was a kid all I wanted to do is hunt , fish and trap. When we would show up at this lot, half the kids I went to school with were their ready to hunt with their Dad. Well, gentleman, we are loosing our youth to Computers, Games and Cell Phones!! This is not an opinion, this is a fact. My brother in law has been a deputy conversation officer in Delaware County PA for 26 years. He said the youth hunters are down 60 to 70%  I can't believe this. What will happen to our hunting tradition if this keeps up?  For heaves sake, TAKE A KID HUNTING!! Encourage Youth hunting!  We just offered a free Youth hunt at Liberty Hollow Whitetail Hunts on 4 major hunting sites. We have 26 kids that signed up for the raffle.  REALLY we were expecting 250 to 300 kids to sign up.  We intend to continue to support hunting as much as possible. I personally feel EVERY OUTFITTER should step up and offer a Youth hunt!  And guess what, it's a Tax right off!  It's a win win situation!  I hope to see the other Outfitters step up and do what they can to encourage OUR Youth!  

UPDATE!!  We have decided to offer a FREE Doe Hunt to the youth Hunters, when their Dad or Mom books a 150 class Buck u to a 200 class  We are offering 10 Buck Hunts, call for pricing

Hunt with us, Junor gets to huny too! 17 is the cut off,


Thanks for reading!!

               Wayne Buckley                   Liberty Hollow Whitetail Hunts. 1-610-972-9768

Just a quick note. I wrote this article yesterday, when I returned today their was someone who scored a nay. How could anyone do something like that. Just goes to show the mentality of some people.  Fortunately it disappeared.

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Article By: Liberty Hollow Whitetail Hunts
Southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States
610-972-9768 Wayne

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