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Do you have your priorties mixed up?

Posted on November-07-2013

Do you have your priorities mixed up? I never thought I would ask a hunter this question. Our job is to provide the hunter with a great hunt and do our best to get them the Buck they want. I want the hunter to have a memory of a lifetime. Unfortunately  we have been getting guys who are more concerned as to what a Deer scores than they are about the hunt itself. Many hunters insist on pictures to make their decision to book with us or not. I do understand they want to see what we have, but MOST times pictures do NOT do the deer justice. I recently had a guy who was obsessed by a perfect 10 with a 20 inch spread. We found him one and he said it wasn't what he was looking for ((( by the picture ))), That Buck was harvested and was 21 inch inside spread with 9-1/2 inch G2's. This guy wanted 7-8 inch G-2's and yet said this Buck was not for him. He also said he found another outfitter in Ohio.  This was with out question the nicest 10  I personally ever seen in a 140 class!!! I wasted my time with this catalog Deer shopper.  Hunting is supposed to be a thrill, a memory, the wonderful time getting out and hunting.  Fortunately this guy was a rare bird and we do not get many of these guys, not much of  a hunter. He was not a real hunter, he more or less wanted to get what appeals to him and pretend to his friends he was the man!. I am thinking he would have been best to go to a breeder and just shot the Buck out of the penn, or maybe a simulator like at the archery range and just hand him the mounted head and a box of meat all wrapped up. Had another guy  that was looking for a 200 class Buck. We hunted for two days and we finally found a Buck that he liked. He asked me what class he was and I said close to 200 if not over. I mentioned we do not go out and capture the Bucks to measure them, we are always close on score. Well the guy harvested the Buck. I measured  the rack it scored 199.5 inched. This guy went on and on about how disappointed he was. A real cry baby to say the least!! Well why he was sulking I checked the numbers and realized I did not add correctly, the Buck was 204.5 inches. This guy was bitching to his buddy about how he won't  hunt with us again because we said it was a 200 inch Buck. Well to make a long story short I showed the big baby the error and remeasured the Buck in front of him. Once  he/SHE realized he had a 204.5 inch Buck, I was the greatest. I was the Man,etc. I promptly mentioned that our bucks are NOT tame and we do not have the ability to measure them before the hunt.  I also let him know I heard him complaining to his friend.  He hands me 100.00 bill as a tip, should have seen his face when I told him to keep it!! At any rate, the question was Do you have your priorities mixed up? Do me a favor,  ask yourself the question before calling me. I do not cater to cry baby's  If anyone wants a real hunt with a honest outfitter, give me a call.          Wayne 

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