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Maybe you have your priorties mixed up?

By: Liberty Hollow Whitetail Hunts
Posted on November-07-2013

Maybe you have your Priorities mixed up? I never thought I would say that to a Hunter. Fact is, far too many guys are getting caught up in the score of a Buck verses the enjoyment /quality of  the hunt. I recently had a guy upset because his Buck was 1/2 inch short of a 200 inch Buck. The worse thing was, this guy was really upset. Fact is, the Buck was a 204 + score, I made a mistake adding up the inches. but that was not the point.  I have witnessed a trend whereby hunters are more concerned by the score than the hunt. I don't get it, but it has been a problem for me to deal with on a personal basis..  I have had allot of guys come to hunt a specific Buck only to see something else they liked better. Ironically enough, they went smaller because it had a look over inches! Another issue has been the pictures. We do our best to provide pictures for the hunters, but some guys are to the point that they think they are looking at a Deer catalog. Had a guy looking for a wide 10 point. at 130-140 inches. We found the perfect 10 with a 21 inch inside spread 142 inch that was not good enough. I don't know what the problem was, but I really wasted my time trying to accommodate him. I was glad he moved on. The  reality is, pictures rarely  do a Deer justice to start with. I think hunters need to focus more on the quality of the hunt and not so much on the score of the rack! Some of my fondest memories have been hunting a 4 point and a spike buck.  A little advice to the hunters, don't depend on pictures so much!  A deer in the woods looks substantially different than in a picture. I am in the hunting business, we buy and sell Deer and I can't always judge a Buck by pictures alone, so it is likely the hunter with less experience will be able to see the big picture!  Besides, pictures can and oftentimes are altered. It's amazing what  can be done with photo Shop!  I know this article is strongly worded, and I don't want to offend anyone, but recent events have prompted me to offer advice.

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Article By: Liberty Hollow Whitetail Hunts
Southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States
610-972-9768 Wayne

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