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Wounded Warrior Hunt was a success!

By: Liberty Hollow Whitetail Hunts
Posted on November-21-2013

We had our first Wounded Warrior hunt on Friday. What a blast. Enclosed is the Face Book page and also the right up. We decided to make this an annual event along with the Youth Hunt and the Hunters Helping Heroes hunts we currently offer. We feel truly blessed to have been part of SGT. Joe special moment.

Click on the Links below to visit this special event:                            

Meeting Sgt. Joe Jenkins was such a unique privilege. He asked nothing from us yet gave everything for us. Watching this Wounded Warrior in action was something I will not forget. The excitement in his eyes. Getting him in his stand and ready to shoot. As we set the gun up for him you could see he was a seasoned hunter. He laid into his rifle as he had done before. Craig stayed with Joe and his assistants while I went with the men from LIBERTY HOLLOWS. We started out to put a drive on for Joe. What a great property.

We went in two and then three directions. Here they came. And boy I didn't see a one buck I wouldn't shoot! (Pictures are coming! A lot!) They started moving up to Sgt., Joe and thought great, here we go! Nope! These are wild deer! You just don't go in and go BANG! I am now on a side hill hiding under a low tree stand. Buck coming by me and here he comes! I almost died when I saw Joe's buck in person the first time!

He was 15 yards away. OMG! You will see what I saw. At that time I knew what we were doing was something special. I also knew what the owners of LIBERTY HOLLOWS did for Joe! Got a little choked-up thinking about everything. After about four hours of setting the Sgt. Joe in his stand and pushing deer we started to move them again towards the blind. All of a sudden.... BANG!. Shot fired and my cell phone went dead! LOL! Now I know he shot but was it down or still going. We moved in closer and closer. It was over.

SGT. JOE had harvested his hard earned trophy whitetail! One shot, One kill. This veteran still, with the use of only one arm, put a 93 yard one armed shot on this deer and dropped him where he stood! I'm glad Joe is on our side! We need to hear from Craig how it was in the blind with him! The men from Liberty Whitetails went way over what I had expected! They supplied an animal far superior then I ever thought possible. When we brought this monster over to Joe and he saw the rack he didn't stop smiling!

Then he was informed the mount was also included by LEAKWAY TRAPPING & TAXIDERMY. Wait till they see this one come in. I don't know this gentleman but Craig tells me he is a superb Taxidermist and good people too! I can hear what he's going to say when this one comes in. "I Think We Need a BIGGER Form!". Veterans mean a lot to me personally and to this club. In closing all I want to say is thank you to all the people who helped make this possible. The men from Liberty Whitetails, Leakway Taxidermy, PA Wounded Warriors and every single member of this club! I too am very proud to say I'm an officer of the BEST HUNTING CLUB IN PA!
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Article By: Liberty Hollow Whitetail Hunts
Southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States
610-972-9768 Wayne

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