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Quaker Boy Game calls endorsement - Joe Judd Quaker boy Pro staff

By: Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures
Posted on February-21-2012

Hey,  Joe Judd here from Quaker Boy Game Calls letting you in on one of the best hunting tips I’ll ever give you.  In Columbia County, New York there’s a great hunting facility that brings with it some of the best and most quality oriented hunting opportunities that you’ll ever experience in this region of the country.  Having hunted in Columbia County for over 20 years I’ve come to realize that this particular area holds some of the best hunting opportunities in the  Northeast. It’s second to none for whitetail deer, wild turkey, and waterfowl hunting. And when you put that together with a great hunting facility, suddenly you have a dream come true in regards to a quality hunt that’s on the level of “beyond belief”!

Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures Hunting facility is the place I’m talking about … and they have everything you need to experience not only a quality “Outdoor Adventure” but also perhaps the most enjoyable time you’ll ever have in pursuit of your hunting dream.

Located in one of the most game rich areas in Columbia County, Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures offer the finest of facilities along with some great hunting that you’ll have to experience to truly appreciate. Just that fact that you’ll be able to spend your time hunting on quality ground rather than spending your time searching for a place to hunt is definitely worth its weight it’s the gold. Add to it a staff that’s dedicated to making your stay not only successful but as enjoyable as possible, and you have an experience that’s “going to be hard to beat “ ! The accommodation’s are definitely “5 Star’. And the clubhouse is simply awesome. The food is second to none with Jody and Amy Boll, who manage and run the operations, committed to making your stay with them something to remember. And speaking of Jody Boll, if there’s a better hunter anywhere I’d like to meet him as Jody not only knows the game he hunts, but he knows how to get you up close and personal if you get my meaning. His guiding staff is  simply the best. And the owners James Prendamano and John Pitera (great hunters themselves) have committed not only their time, knowledge but also their full resources to make this hunting club the best of its kind in the northeast. With over 6,000 acres of prime hunting property, access to a great staff, quality instruction and seminar opportunities, access to a fantastic Pro Shop, and hunting with true pros in an area that holds more whitetail deer, wild turkey, and waterfowl then you could ever imagine, the Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventure Hunt club is a can’t miss experience, for the new hunter as well as the old pro, for perhaps a hunt of a lifetime.

Having hunted all over the country with the Quaker Boy Pro Staff and having hunted extensively in every New England state including New York for almost 40 years, and I’m here to tell you that for sheer numbers and quality of animals I’ve never seen anything that offers anything better than the Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventure Hunt Club. New opportunities for pheasant and predator hunting only add to the excitement of this awesome facility. And to be affiliated with them through the endorsement of Quaker Boy Game Calls is an honor and a privilege. So, if you’re a hunter thinking about, “ getting it done” and, “ where to go  to get it done” … then get up and gear up … and get out to the Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures Hunt Club. Without a doubt it could end up being be the best decision you’ve ever made as hunter.

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Article By: Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures
Stuyvesant, New York, United States

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