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Wanna Bag a Trophy Buck? How a Professional Outfitter Can Help You Reach Your Goal

By: River Valley Farms
Posted on August-27-2012

Wanna Bag a Trophy buck? How a Professional Outfitter Can Help You Reach Your Goal

Looking for a reputable outfitter to help you bag the buck of a lifetime? It can be hard to discern between reputable and fly-by-night outfitters when searching online. Let’s face it; anyone can pay to have an impressive website created. How do you know if you are booking with an outfitter who has your best interest at heart or simply wants to make a quick dollar?

Don’t rely on email alone to research your next trip. A quick phone call can help you weed out the prospects. Talk to the business owner – the outfitter himself. You can learn a lot about a person and the type of operation they run in a just a few minutes. Does he sound knowledgeable? How long has been outfitting? Did he take the time to answer your questions fully? Did you end the call with a good overall impression? Listen to your gut. If you have doubts, it’s best to keep looking.

Ask for pictures and client references. Inspect the information provided. Are the pictures current and realistic? Did the client referral include a phone number? Again, don’t rely on an email conversation alone. Pick up the phone and call. Ask the hunter about his experiences with the outfitter and listen to logic. If you aren’t sold on whether or not the referral is real, keep shopping. It’s a competitive business and, sadly, there are some shady outfitters out there. Some create email aliases and pose as past clients to convince potential hunters to use their services. Some “borrow” photos taken by other outfitters and pass them off as their own.

Reputable outfitters depend on repeat business and will go out of their way to answer your questions before your hunt is booked. If available, check out his Facebook page. How often are new photos posted? Ask if you will receive regular trail cam photos after you book your hunt. After all, a good outfitter wants you to be satisfied and keeping in touch with you between the time your hunt is booked and the actual dates of your hunt is an opportunity to demonstrate just that.

Learn all you can about the lodging included in your package. Will you stay in the outfitter’s lodge or will you be stuck in a hotel when you arrive? What meals are provided? Is there internet access? Is there a laundry facility onsite?

Investigate the outfitter’s harvesting policies. Is that service included or is there an additional fee? Is there a trophy fee? Find out as much as you can before you book to avoid costly surprises.

Find an outfitter that will work for you. Your trip should be exciting and fun. A good outfitter will work hard to ensure your experience is a great one in hopes of earning your repeat business.

River Valley Farms is owner-operated and offers full service whitetail deer and turkey hunting packages for discriminating hunters. Proprietor, Harry Pozniak, works to ensure each client experiences the best hunting Western Kentucky has to offer. Let his years of experience and passion for the outdoors work for you.

Harry was featured on Backwoods Bloodline, a nationally televised program on the Sportsman Channel on August 2, 2011. He was featured on Addicted to the Outdoors on the Outdoor Channel on August 1, 2012. He lives in Western Kentucky and holds an intimate knowledge of the local wildlife and provides year round land maintenance to ensure an excellent hunting experience.

Visit RVF on Facebook:!/harry.pozniak.1

or at

Harry is booking now for whitetail and turkey hunts. Give him a call!

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Article By: River Valley Farms
Cadiz, Kentucky, United States

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