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Whitetail Piebald Beauty

By: River Valley Farms
Posted on November-13-2012

Have you ever been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a piebald? Recently, I captured a few shots on one of my trail cams. It was more than exciting to see the beauty alive and well in the wild.

Out of the five species of deer native to North America, most piebalds are whitetails. Even though piebalds of all species have been sighted across the United States and Canada, it is an exceedingly uncommon surprise to spot one.  The piebald condition occurs in less than one percent of the whitetail population. Due to their uncommon appearance, they are easily spotted by predators and may be taken as fawns in the wild.

Most piebalds have white legs and a white underbelly. The rest of the deer can be traditionally colored or can be covered in patches or spots of brown, red and or grey. Some piebalds are almost completely white. The piebald condition is usually due to the presence of a defective gene. Traditionally less healthy than their typically colored brothers and sisters; they might possess slight skeletal and internal deformities.

Piebald deer are not afforded special protection by the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Department does not recommend protecting the animals. Because they are unusual, some hunters seek them as trophy animals. Some Native American tribes have used their pinto pelts for religious and ceremonial reasons. Many hunters, however, choose to let them live. Lots of guys I’ve talked to think it is bad karma to take such a rare animal. Regardless of your opinion on the matter, everyone can agree that the animals are special and beautiful.

Western Kentucky truly is one of the best habitats for whitetails.The abundance of productive pasture land and mature wooded terrain combined with favorable management laws make this part of the country heaven on earth for serious hunters. We invite you to join us here in Kentucky for an exciting outdoor experience and if you are very, very lucky, you just might spot the
piebald beauty running the woods.

To see the picture, take a look at my page here on Hunting Top 10.

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Article By: River Valley Farms
Cadiz, Kentucky, United States

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