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Facts about Deer in Preserves - Deer breed to be hunted.

By: Liberty Hollow Whitetail Hunts
Posted on August-13-2013

Facts about Deer in Preserves.

We have had this conversation MANY MANY times. 

#1  Are your Deer tame? Absolutely not. Our Deer are not even close to being tame. Our Deer are breed to be hunted. Once the Deer are transferred to our Preserve it takes approximately a week for them to be acclimated to their environment. It would be safe to say our Deer are MORE elusive than Deer outside of our Preserve.

#2  We were told that Preserve A or B has bigger racks or better genetics than others. Again, NONSENSE. Some of the most Famous breeders in the Country are here in Lancaster County PA. We know all the Breeders and have relationships with most of them. We have access to the same quality of Bucks that any other Preserve has in the US and Canada.

Don't let anyone convince you differently. Fact is, allot of our neighbors send their Shooter Bucks to preserves all over the Country as well as their Genetics. We are in constant contact with breeders and have access to Monster Bucks allot of times BEFORE other preserves do! If we don't have what your looking for, we WILL find what you want! This is a guarantee!  

#3 - Preserves are all alike!  Well I beg to differ! Every year I personally go to one or Two other Preserves for a hunt without the owners knowing who I am or that I am their  to see their operation, not to hunt! I went to three preserves last year in PA and Ohio. One preserve made me feel like a dollar sign and one was a blast. The third was average at best!

One of the things that makes us different is we give you the experience you are looking for.  I know what you want and how to accommodate you.

We allow you the hunter to decide the kind of hunt you want. We do not smother or restrict you or require you to sit with your guide, etc. I will not tell you how to shoot, when to shoot, etc. If you can't make that decisions for yourself, maybe you shouldn't  be hunting at all. Most of the hunters I meet are as skilled of a hunter as I am if not better. Some are far better shots, etc. We are not here to baby sit you, and most hunters do not want to be babysat!  We discuss your needs prior to the hunt! You have free range of our place, you will have the experience that you are looking for.  This is my GUARANTEE.

Another fact.  You do not need to drive halfway across the Country for a quality hunt! We are close to Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Delaware,etc. We are in Lancaster County PA. 

The long and the short of is, you want to have a good time and harvest a healithy and quality trophy. You will get a fair shake with us. Most of our hunters come back again and again. We want to build friendships!!

Any questions you are welcome to call me 1-610-972-9768


Wayne Buckley

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Article By: Liberty Hollow Whitetail Hunts
Southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States
610-972-9768 Wayne

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