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Bad Mouthing

By: Liberty Hollow Whitetail Hunts
Posted on August-16-2013


Their is a time and place for most everything, but theirs never a place or time for Badmouthing!

 I had the privilege this morning of hunting with a couple brothers from western PA. I met these guys last night at our cabin and preceded to show them our stands, blinds, more or less our entire Preserve. Both these guys hunt different hunting Preserves in Ohio, PA and Indiana EVERY YEAR. As usual I ask how the heard about us,etc. After a bunch of small talk I left them to return this morning for the Hunt.  Both guys got a Doe by 9:00 so we sat had a coffee and again shot the bull for a little while. Both booked a Buck hunt and then said we are their new PA preserve for now on, they had a blast! I asked them where in PA they usually hunt, both declined to tell me which was odd, then it all came out where they were going.
I will not disclose the Preserve in PA where these have been hunting for over 5 years straight. I asked them what changed that made them want to find a new PA Preserve. The one brother finally broke and said" we are tired of all the bad mouthing"  I asked, what are you talking about?  He said, this other Preserve ( who I won't mention), owner is forever badmouthing other preserves, the size of their preserve, the quality of the meat, etc.  This year was it, they had heard enough. The constant comparing of the size of preserves the quality of Genetic's, etc. was getting old. We have 120 acres, 68 high fence. We are adding another 28 - 32 more acres. Their are guys we are friends with that have 170, 10, 3 and 300 acre preserves. To each their own.  If someone wants to hunt a 3 acre Preserve or a 300 acre Preserve is their business.  It's ALWAYS bad business for one business owner to say anything negative about another regardless of the situation. This always comes back to haunt you, I think it's safe to say 100% of the time.  I call this a inferiority issue at best!          

To other Outfitters and Preserve owners, the Hunters are there to have a good time, get away from their world for a couple days. Don't burden them with trash talk! If you do, they just might come see me, and I guarantee, they won't have a reason to leave!!   At any rate, to the PA Preserve owner running his mouth, THANK YOU!!! Keep it up, we can use the business.                                                                                   
If I can help with a hunt, give me a call 1-610-972-9768   

Please excuse my poor spelling!

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Article By: Liberty Hollow Whitetail Hunts
Southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States
610-972-9768 Wayne

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