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Silvertine Wildlife Co
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Available Game: Elk | Whitetail Deer | Bison | Exotic Sheep

Silvertine Wildlife Co Hunts
(250) 459-7772
Po Box 399
Clinton, Saskatchewan
Canada V0K-1K0

Silvertine Wildlife Co. conducts hunts in Saskatchewan, Canada for Massive Canadian Trophy Elk, Whitetail Deer and Bison you have always dreamed about.

Our Elk, Deer and Bison are free roaming on over a thousand acres of heavily forest, diversified terrain, which makes your hunt a prime challenging experience. You will experience real hunting with a 100% success rate, and every trophy will easily be eligible for the SCI record books. Add that huge trophy to your trophy room this year.

Owners: husband and wife owned and operated facility, we understand that customer satisfaction is the key to our success. I have been personally guiding for 22 years, and the few guides we have that help us are like family, and have been with us for many years.

The Hunt: We take a minimum amount of hunters each year, with the maximum amount of hunters in camp at any one time being 4. We try to give each hunter or group of hunter's exclusive use of the estate, with loads of elbow room. Our main goal is to provide a quality hunt experience, with top of the line trophy big game for each hunter.

Hunting Lodge: we offer you a comfortable modern rustic log cabin lodge, with a relaxed , homey atmosphere, located inside the hunting area. We specialize in personal attention to each hunter, giving you, our guest, a great hunting experience and a feeling that you received more than your money's worth.

Elk Hunting: we choose our Bull Elk for our guests out of combined herds of over 2000 animals. They are turned out onto the preserve in June or July, and only mature 8+ year old bulls are chosen based on antler spread, classic tine length and shape, and all bulls have dark capes, long beards and mature features. Our preserve is 100% forested; it has a wide diversity of mature timber, brush, springs, rolling hills, and creeks. This diversity provides a very challenging hunt and a spectacular setting to hunt in.

Whitetail Deer Hunting: Our Whitetail Deer are not pen raised. A large percentage of our herd is of wild origin when we first enclosed the preserve in, so they are indeed Wild Deer. To compliment the Wild Deer that are breeding and living on the Silvertine Preserve, we assembled some very strong genetic breeding stock, adding new Bucks to the hunt annually. We have Bucks available annually up to 270+ inches. Along with protein rich feed at the right times of year, our bucks have become some of the biggest full blooded Canadian Whitetails available anywhere, both in antlers and bodies!

Hunting Area: The forest and terrain is very diversified and dense, allowing many places for the game to elude hunters. Your experience will be a hunt, and not merely a shoot. Average shots are 20-40 yards and we specialize in archery and limited range weapons.

Success Rate: There is an exceptional quality Trophy hunt waiting for you and your hunting partner, a track record of 100% kill success to date, as well all our Trophy fees are very competitive and some of the lowest in Canada.

Discount: Customers will receive a discount when contacting us from this website. You will return home with a quality hunt experience and big Trophy Class Elk, Deer or Bison for the wall! If you do not shoot, you do not pay the trophy fee, all fully guaranteed!

Additional Hunts: Also Silvertine has Caribou, Fallow Deer, Mule Deer, and Wild Boar available to you as well. If you buy a combo package (two or more animals) the Trophy fees on the second animal are reduced a further 10%, that it makes it even more reasonable.

If you still would like more information on us please do not hesitate to call or email me anytime. A warm welcome awaits you at Silvertine.

Visit our website for more photos and info!

Call or email to book your hunt! (250) 459-7772


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