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Available Game: Whitetail Deer | Pronghorn Antelope | Pheasant | Grouse | Mule Deer | Antelope | Merriam Turkey | Coyote | Prairie Dog | Buffalo

C & D Outfitters Hunts
605-515-0316 Cell
18630 Old Marcus Rd
Howes, South Dakota
United States 57748

      Come and hunt the finest land available in South Dakota!

Enjoy a memorable hunt on a working ranch located in west-central South Dakota. 
C & D Outfitters has been able to produce some prime South Dakota Hunting Land, so come join us for a “Great Hunting Experience”. During your hunt you will be accompanied by an expert big game hunting guide. C & D Outfitters has been a big game outfitter for many years and manages their properties exclusively for Trophy Class Animals!

Whitetail and Mule Deer Hunting: Trophy Deer hunts take place in a wide variety of locations from fields, creek bottoms, food plots and shelter belts, to the open prairies of South Dakota. You will find an abundance of wildlife with over 40,000 acres of private land exclusively managed for these magnificent animals. A minimal amount of hunters participate each year to ensure customer satisfaction and success.


C & D Outfitters will do everything in our power to make sure your hunt is a memorable one. Our hunters have experienced very high success rates in the past due to quality game management. There are point restrictions enforced on these hunts, however if during the end of your trip you have not taken the deer you have been looking for, cull deer or management deer can be taken to satisfy the meat hunters. Archery tags are guaranteed but rifle tags must be applied for prior to hunting season. 

Be assured that all of these are FAIR CHASE HUNTS and there are NO TROPHY FEES!  If you have always dreamed of having a place to yourself, you will have your wishes come true. Our Trophy Deer Hunts are limited so, book a trip now and you will have the opportunity to harvest one of these South Dakota Trophy Deer.

                   Click Here For More Information On Trophy Deer Hunting

Antelope Hunting: is one of our favorite hunts and is something every big game enthusiast should experience. From the wide-open grasslands they call home to their unique defense mechanisms, antelope present hunters with an appealing set of challenges seldom seen with other big game species. This is also a great hunt for kids because of the large numbers of antelope that we will see in a day. No slow times and if you stop to glass you will probably be able to see antelope somewhere!

                   South Dakota Antelope Hunting

Freely roaming herds of 20-100 antelope constantly catch your eye along the hillsides of over 40,000 plus acres of private and leased land. We look over one herd and if you don't find what you like, we move over the hill and glass the next herd. Distance is deceiving and some shots can really test your skill, but there will be a shot opportunity and most times we can eventually get stalked within 200 yards for a clean shot. Previously harvested bucks have averaged 14 1/2" to bucks into the 17 " range and a scoring average of 72".

                   Antelope Hunting

With our large number of antelope, we've begun archery antelope hunting (this is a guaranteed license). We set up blinds near water tanks or antelope crossings and simply wait for them. We also do spot and stalk and decoy archery hunts, so it depends on the desire of each individual hunter as to which method we use. Although archery antelope hunting is challenging, depending on the hunter the success can be very rewarding. The archery season begins around the 3rd weekend of August.

From getting out in the field and locating bucks, to closing the deal, South Dakota antelope hunting is an experience unto itself. If you've never tried it before, its time you started planning your own Antelope Hunting Adventure. 

                       Click Here for Info About Trophy Antelope Hunting

American Bison: hunts are offered at certain times of the year and are hunted throughout the rolling hills of South Dakota. The buffalo range from mature cows, 2-4 year old bulls, and 5 year old + trophy bulls that are wild. A guide will drive you out to the herds that are roaming in 2000 plus acres and you will harvest the buffalo of your choice. The bison you are looking for will be spotted and be stalked within a 125 yards or less.  


We also offer an exciting archery hunts for these majestic animals. Slowly stalking and harvesting an animal in this native tradition is sure to get your blood pumping!

Some of our other hunts make a great combination including pheasant, prairie chicken and coyote. 

                                    Click Here for Info on Bison Hunting

Turkey Hunting: Every year as spring returns it brings the heart racing sound of an Old Tom strutting and gobbling. When you hunt with us, you could see 25 or more different strutting gobblers in one day. You will be hunting over 50,000 plus acres of private and leased ground and hunting only the best creek bottoms and fields with an unbelievable number of turkeys.


If you are looking to do a Turkey Slam and want to hunt Merriam Turkey’s then join C & D Outfitters for one of  our fully guided turkey hunts. We have a 100% success rate on our turkey hunts and with over 23 years of hunting and guiding experience, we guarantee you turkey hunting action that few hunters have ever experienced. Whether you choose to hunt with gun or bow, you will be assured of numerous sightings with multiple opportunities at long beards.

                                Click Here for info on Turkey Hunting

Upland Bird Hunting: Before you book your next pheasant hunt, ask yourself what state is known for the best pheasant hunting? The answer is simple South Dakota and at C & D Outfitters, we provide the best pheasant hunting experiences in South Dakota.


If you are looking for a place to entertain your valued customers or spend time with friends and family, C & D Outfitters will meet your every need and expectation. 
We are known for our premier pheasant hunting trips, comfort and hospitality.  We are a five generation family owned ranch and we hunt on 20,000 acres of privately owned land

Rolling hills, abundant draws, wooded creek bottoms and hundreds of acres of crops provide our guests the perfect place for a great South Dakota pheasant hunting experience. Hunting with C & D Outfitters is a hunting experience that you will never forget. Knowing our guests come to hunt, we are pleased to offer combination Pheasant and Sharp tail Grouse with a growing number of partridge. Individual limit of WILD birds could be as high as 9 birds per gun. Our business has been built on our reputation and while repeat guests make up the majority of our customers, we always look forward to seeing new faces and sharing with them our dream come true.......... “ROOSTERRRRRR”!!

                    Click Here for Info on South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

Predator Hunting: Imagine, calling in a coyote from up to a mile out. Watching him come in the whole way until he is within 50 yards or less, hair bristling, looking for dinner...It's the rush of a lifetime! 

There are several ways to hunt coyotes, but the one most preferred is calling them in. Our guides have several years of calling under their belts, and they are prepared to bring the coyote’s right in to you. Whether it is fall or winter, we have techniques designed for the condition.

South Dakota Coyote hunts are conducted during their prime seasons, from November 1 until March 31.

                       Click Here for Info on our Exciting Coyote Hunts

Praire Dog Hunting: South Dakota prairie dog hunting is legendary. I have heard reports stating that South Dakota has more prairie dogs than the rest of the country combined. To Prairie Dog Hunters, that means an awful lot of long range target shooting! 

Prairie dogs offer sportsmen countless hours of entertainment. This is a great opportunity to practice target shooting, relieve some stress, or just burn through a few hundred rounds of ammo in the off season. We can set up within 200 yards of prairie dog towns or set up out past 500 yards for a real long range challenge. You can expect shots of less than 100 yards to as far as you can see. Prairie dogs are small targets that will stand still, often times give you a few chances, and seem to replenish themselves as the day goes on.

Portable shooting benches, sandbags, and guide are provided--along with daily refreshments in the cooler. Our season runs May 20 thru the Summer. This is the optimum time for maximum shooting, and also the best weather wise. Days are usually 70-90 degrees this time of year and occasionally a thunder storm in the afternoon.

                             Click Here for Info on Prairie Dog Hunting

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                            South Dakota whitetail - mule deer, antelope, pheasant, bison, turkey hunting with C & D Outfitters. 

Youth doe hunt
Youth doe hunt
 C & D Outfitters Doug 175
C & D Outfitters Doug 175
Smile for the camera!!
Smile for the camera!!
Cody with a nice buck
Cody with a nice buck
Still Out There
Still Out There
Big Gobbler
Big Gobbler
Happy Hunters
Happy Hunters
Big Gobbler
Big Gobbler
Big Muley
Big Muley
Big Bison
Big Bison

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