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Table Mountain Outfitters
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Available Game: Pronghorn Antelope | Whitetail Deer | Mule Deer | Elk | Cougar | Black Bear | Buffalo | Antelope

Table Mountain Outfitters Hunts
Phone: (307)-632-6352

, Idaho
United States

Table Mountain Outfitters and 1st Western Adventures would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in the many services available through us. We offer the Hunting Adventures in Idaho, Wyoming, and South Dakoda. 
Idaho Lets us and our experienced pack of hounds take you for the hunt of a lifetime. With the addition of more regulations in many of the Western States, Idaho provides a great opportunity to harvest a magnificent animal with over-the-counter tags. Come and experience with us amazing Antelope hunting, Whitetail Deer hunting, Mule Deer hunting, Elk hunting, Black Bear hunting, and so much more. 

Our home state of Wyoming offers some of the finest big game hunting in the world, including Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Bear, Birds, Antelope, Buffalo, Cougar and Exotics. As professionals in the art of pursuing and harvesting trophy game animals, we are a licensed, full time outfitting business that insures you a quality and successful hunt. We take pride in our business, and in providing a superior outdoor experience to our guests.Wyoming Antelope, Whitetail, Mule Deer

Fair Chase Hunts: Through our Table Mountain Outfitters division, we offer fair chase hunts for Antelope, Whitetail, Mule Deer, Elk and Mountain Lion, and free range hunts for Buffalo. We have access to thousands of acres of public and private land, and if access fees are required they are included in the hunt cost. We scout all game lands thoroughly, and know where the trophy animals hide out. We hunt at 100% with you, in order to help you harvest the largest trophy animal possible. We don't charge "Trophy Fees" or bill you based on the net score of your trophy - The price you pay when you book your hunt is for the biggest trophy animal available at that time.

Hunting Guides: Our guides are licensed professionals who are knowledgeable in the art of hunting big game. Physically fit and committed, they know their business, and will make your hunt both informative and pleasurable. We promise you in writing that we will have a low hunter-to-guide ratio unless you have booked otherwise. This allows our guides to concentrate on the pursuit of your trophy and assist you in any way possible. Our guides will pack, dress, skin and cape all animals you harvest. In addition, we will deliver your meat to the local butcher for processing or quarter the meat to be transported back home for processing.

              The Table Mountain Difference:

    * Buffalo Hunting: We personally submit your application to Game and Fish so
      you're assured that your application is entered into the drawing.

    * All of Table Mountain Outfitters' hunts are for trophies unless you book otherwise. There are no hidden trophy fees.

    * We use nothing but recent photos and references from our hunts. This gives our clients an up-to-date, honest report concerning our clients successes and trophies taken.

    * Notice that in our literature you won't see pictures of numerous animals in a pile with capes and hides still attached. This is not good trophy or game meat care. We guarantee that your animal will be caped and the meat properly cared for in an appropriate amount of time.

    * Bear Hunting: Some outfitters claim that they scout year round. Mabye they do, but anybody that knows about big game animals and their habits knows that this is senseless. Big game animals have what is called summer range and winter range. Sometimes they can be in about the same area, but usually they are some distance apart. Just because there are deer in a location in January doesn't mean they will be there come October. Also, how can any outfitter tell how big a buck's antlers are going to be by looking at him in February? We prefer to scout intensively for 3-4 months before the seasons start. This gives us better information about the location of the herds, and it improves your chances of taking home a trophy.

Table Mountain Outfitters division offers hunts for Antelope, Whitetail, Mule Deer, Elk and Mountain Lion hunting.       

        We are fulltime outfitters. We work for you all year, not just a month or two.

           Life at Table Mountain won!  Best Big Game Hunt clip for 2010

      Visit our complete website for rates & more information:

                   Call us to book your hunt! 307-632-6352

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Elk fight during hunt in Wyoming - Award Winning Elk Footage!
Elk fight during hunt in Wyoming - Award Winning Elk Footage!
Antelope hunting
Antelope hunting
Mule deer hunting
Mule deer hunting
Mule deer hunting
Mule deer hunting

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