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Loshbough Hunting Lodge
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Available Game: Wild Boar | Dall Sheep | Corsican Ram | Barbados Ram | Fallow Deer | EXOTICS | Mouflon Sheep | Feral Hog | Sika | Merriam Turkey

Loshbough Hunting Lodge Hunts
224 Martin Burgess Rd
Crossville, Tennessee
United States 38572

                    The Hunting Experience of a Lifetime, GUARANTEED.

We hunt 700 acres of private land.  The lush landscape features towering sandstone bluffs and winding creeks and grassland, hosting a hearty wild boar population and a variety of exotics including Russian boar and Feral hogs, Fallow deer, Bison and Ram.  You can be in the midst of this incredible picture, on a hunt that will provide a lifetime’s worth of stories and memories. This is your perfect hunting adventure, because you’re the one calling the shots.

                  Boar Hunting in Tennessee

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter in peak physical condition or an eager first-timer who wants to ensure that your first experience is nothing short of incredible, we’ve got you covered. Want to experience an outstanding hunt with your buddies? Maybe introduce your wife, girlfriend or even children to the thrill of outdoor adventure? We treat every hunt as a custom event, so we’re set up to tailor everything to your specific needs and desires. You don’t even need a hunting license—we take care of the details, leaving you free to stay focused on the fun stuff. Our expert guides have what it takes to provide you a guaranteed successful hunt, any time of year.

Our preserve is unique

Wild boar naturally reproduce right here on our property. Authentic wild hogs make for a more exciting and challenging hunt. Others typically import their animals for release on small fenced plots. With Loshbough, you always have the satisfaction of knowing you earned your trophy in a genuine fair-chase hunt.


Regardless of the hunt you choose, your guides will handle field dressing and transportation of your kill from the hunting area to the taxidermist/meat processor at no extra charge. And no matter how spectacular your trophy, we never add on additional trophy fees. The way we see it, that’s what you’re here for.

               HUNTING WILD BOAR is truly an experience like no other.

It’s hard to imagine a more adrenaline-filled activity than chasing a pack of dogs as they bay up three or four wild hogs along with their piglets. Hunting wild boar is truly an experience like no other.  The sows are really aggressive and regularly charge dogs (and you, if you get too close). Animals are swirling everywhere, pigs disappear and reappear seemingly at random in the heavy cover, dogs are baying like crazy and running in to nip at the pigs.


Just when you least expect it, the sounder will make a break for it, destroying your carefully constructed setup and setting you off on the chase again. Eventually, you wade into the middle of this chaos and choose your target. You have to keep track of the dogs, the hogs and your guide, all while setting up your shot. When the moment of truth finally comes, it’ll be the high point of a story you’ll tell over and over for the rest of your life.
If you’re not an adrenaline junkie, that’s okay too. Stalking or stand hunting presents a unique test of your abilities as a hunter. With near-perfect camouflage, great hearing and one of the most sensitive noses in the animal kingdom, the wild boar can be a difficult animal to bag. Remember, there are some cagey older boars here that have managed to elude serious hunters for years. And if you happen to be a first-timer, are a youngster, want to bring kids along or are physically challenged for any reason? Take the pressure down several notches and settle into one of our comfortable stands. There you can easily wait in ambush over bait or along a game trail.

Whatever you want your hunt to be, we’re here to create your perfect experience.

Our grassland landscape is also home to a number of exotic species. These animals offer a  lower difficulty level than wild boars, and they make beautiful trophies. Choose from Corsican Ram, Barbarossa, Black Hawaiian, Texas Dall Ram and others. We recommend exotic rams as a great choice for a first hunt.  Sika (not available) Fallow available.

We also offer American Bison hunts, not widely available elsewhere. This unique hunt provides an experience harkening back to America’s frontier days. Bison yields an excellent-tasting lean meat, and as trophies they are unparalleled.

                   To Request More Information On All Our Hunts Please CLICK HERE

Hunt Rates & Policies: A $200.00 per hunter booking deposit is required. A $400.00 deposit is required for bison and fallow buck hunts. The deposit is deducted from the total hunt price. Group discounts, combination hunt discounts and youth discounts are offered.

* Wild Boar : $725.00     (Rates current through summer 2013)  All taxes are included.
* Barbarossa Ram : $775.00    
* Corsican Ram : $775.00
* Texas Dall Ram : $825.00
* Black Hawaiian Ram : $825.00
* Jacob 4-Horn Ram : $825.00
* Catalina Goat : $725.00
* Other Exotic Ram and Goat except Mouflan : $775-825.00
* Mouflan : Please call or email for price.
* Bison and Fallow, (Sika not currently available)  Please call or email for price
* Turkey  one tag 385.00, 2 tags 720.00
Hunt rates include:
* Two-day hunt with three nights of lodging
* One trophy
* Guide
* Field dressing
* All permits (a hunting license is not required)
* Weapon loan (if needed)
* Delivery of game to processor or taxidermist

Weapon policies:
* Bows are recommended to have a draw weight of 60 lbs. or more
* Rifles should be .24 caliber or larger
* Handguns should be .357 caliber or larger
* Muzzleloaders should be .45 caliber or larger
* Shotguns should use slug only except for turkey

Processing rates:
* Wild hog or ram skin & quarter (blocked-out, wrapped and ready for your coolers):  $35.00
* Full custom processing hog: $100.00 total for hogs under 300 lbs., hogs 300 lbs. and over    $130.00
* Full custom processing ram or goat: $60.00
* Vacuum seal and shrink roll packaging used on custom processed game
* Please call or email for processing rates on bison and deer.
* Please call or email us for taxidermy price list from Lifelike Taxidermy. Lifelike does             beautiful work and has done mounts for folks all over the country.

Payment methods:
* Cash, Money Orders, Travelers and Cashiers Checks.
* We also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
* Personal checks are accepted for deposits, but not for balance of hunt fees.

Lodging: Our beautiful rustic lodge and bunkhouse offer all the essential comforts of home, any time of year. This includes large kitchens, comfortable beds, heat, air and satellite TV. We can easily accommodate individual hunters or groups up to 22. The main lodge fireplace is a favorite gathering spot, and the perfect place to trade stories after a day of adventure.
Although are kitchens are fully equipped, we offer optional food stocking services to our guests.

If you prefer bringing your RV, campsites with hookups are available just a couple of miles from the lodge. Contact us with the dates you have in mind and we’ll be happy to let you know our availability.

                 To Request More Information On All Our Hunts Please CLICK HERE

Other nearby conveniences include two convenience stores and a country diner just six or seven miles away. The city of Crossville is a quick 13-mile drive and offers a variety of restaurants and other amenities. For you golfers, we are located inthe golf Capitol of Tennessee!
Although our kitchens are fully equipped we offer optional food stocking to our guests.
Have questions about your stay? We’d love to help you work out the details.
It’s all part of ensuring that you have the hunting experience of a lifetime.

About Us:  It all started when my father and uncle bought the boar-hunting acreage back in 1964. In 1995, we were fortunate enough to acquire a beautiful neighboring parcel. This second tract provides the perfect setting for ram and bison hunting.

I grew up right here in Cumberland County, born into a family of avid hunters. So I’ve been spending time in these woods since I was knee-high. Cheri and Susie, officially known as the office staff, are also family members. Like me, they’ve been with the lodge since day one. If you have a question or want to make a reservation, any of us will be happy to help.

Expert guides: Tommy, Chet and Daniel aren’t all family, strictly speaking, but might as well be. They’re very familiar with the local terrain and wildlife, having lived and hunted around here for years. All three are really nice guys, and each is extremely knowledgeable about firearm use and safety.

Together, we all work hard to make sure every visitor experiences the hunt of a lifetime. Maybe that explains why so many customers return year after year.

               To Request More Information On All Our Hunts Please CLICK HERE
                   Or Visit our Complete Website

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Bunk House Hunting Lodge
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Lodging At Loshbough
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Bison Hunting Tennessee
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Wild Boar Hunting
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