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Northern Interior Outfitting
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Available Game: Moose | Black Bear | Elk | Grizzly Bear | Mountain Goat | Wolf

Northern Interior Outfitting Hunts

Prince George, British Columbia
Canada V2L 3L0

Northern Interior Outfitting Ltd. (NIO) is a small, personalized guide service focused entirely on quality, consistency, and dependability. We provide custom tailored hunting, fishing, and photography adventures in the remote game rich region of north central British Columbia. Our territory is located 5 hours northwest of Prince George, BC and is accessible by both vehicle and float plane. We provide an honest’ service that is all about you!

Hunt Moose: Moose in our territory are the Northern Canadian type offering larger frames than further south in Canada. Our territory holds exceptional breeding and calving grounds pulling in Moose from the surrounding high mountains and valleys to the interior during the rut. Moose numbers are strong and we encourage targeting 50″ or better mature bulls, but a trophy is in the eye of the beholder. We hunt different areas each year in order to farm the territory properly and have the ability to let areas rest for several years or more. There are bulls dying of old age in our territory every year. Our Moose range consists of high mountain valleys and extensive bottom land full of timbered ridges, meadows and lakes.

                  Moose Hunting British Columbia

Hunt Mountain Goat: Mountain Goat hunts have been 100% opportunity in the past. Our Billy’s typically average 9″. We take a lot of pride in our Goats and manage them very carefully harvesting only a few Billy’s a year.   We specialize in our fly-in Goat hunts. You and your guide will fly up on floats to an Alpine Lake spike camp to begin your hunt. This method is recommended. Or we also offer fly in/ pack out trips as well as full pack in/ pack out backpack hunts.
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Hunt Elk: Elk have been in our area for well over a decade now, the habitat is perfect for them, and they’re thriving here. Our territory is under a 6 point bull restriction which is a huge advantage allowing bulls to mature and numbers to stay strong. That said, this is a true wilderness type elk hunt, typically no walk in the park, but offers great opportunity to hunt unpressured wild elk with potential for a real B.C. bruiser. The area they reside in consists of dark timber, large open meadows, slides, high mountain valleys, nooks, crannies, and hilly timbered terrain. Our entire elk season iis during the rut, and we only take a few elk hunters per year. Add a Moose into the mix for a great combo hunt!           

                Elk Hunting British Columbia

Hunt Black Bear: Black Bear average in the 6′ to 7′ range with some making the record book. We usually see numerous bears each day. This is a spot and stalk type of hunt, with the occasional use of calls. Habitat consists of logging roads, clear cuts, meadows, valleys, and mountain sides. Black Bear hunting doesn’t get much better than this. Two bears can be harvested per hunter in B.C.

               British Columbia Black Bear Hunting

Hunt Grizzly Bear: Grizzly Bear management in B.C. is excellent creating for great opportunity.  Genetics in our territory are quite large. The trophy opportunity here is the same as the Alaskan Interior. For those who have not experienced a Grizzly hunt before be prepared to “hurry up and wait”, as they say, because you will spend many hours each day glassing your surroundings. With that said, the element of surprise once a Grizzly is spotted is worth every hour you glassed. Commonly referred to as “the unpredictable giant”, or “the soul of the wilderness”, Grizzly hunting is truly something special. The search for a Grizzly is a one of a kind experience and we feel very fortunate to be able to offer it on a limited basis.

Hunt Wolf: Wolf hunts typically coincide with your main hunt. With the purchase of a Wolf tag you have the opportunity to harvest one of these extremely elusive predators. With that said, Wolves are highly difficult to hunt, so a harvest opportunity usually occurs by circumstance.

                For More Hunt Information Please use our INFORMATION REQUEST FORM  

British Columbia Black Bear Hunting.
British Columbia Black Bear Hunting.
Black Bear Hunts Northern British Columbia.
Black Bear Hunts Northern British Columbia.
British Columbia Moose Hunting Outfitters.
British Columbia Moose Hunting Outfitters.
Elk Hunting British Columbia Northern Interior Outfitters.
Elk Hunting British Columbia Northern Interior Outfitters.
Hunting Mountain Goat British Columbia.
Hunting Mountain Goat British Columbia.
Elk Hunting Trips British Columbia Northern Interior.
Elk Hunting Trips British Columbia Northern Interior.
Moose Hunting Trips Northern British Columbia.
Moose Hunting Trips Northern British Columbia.

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