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Montana Elk Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Adventures West Recreation Montana hunting trips, Adventures West Recreation helps to find hunt of lifetime.
, Wibaux, Montana
United States, 59353
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Adventures West Recreation, AWR Client T. Haynie Adventures West Recreation, AWR Client B. Harries Adventures West Recreation, AWR Client S. Feucht Adventures West Recreation, AWR Cient W. Brown Adventures West Recreation, AWR Client J. Uren Adventures West Recreation, Adventures West Owner Keith Hartman Adventures West Recreation, AWR Client T. Leabu

Cody Carrs Hunting Adventures Montana Big Game Hunting Outfitters Cody Carrs Hunting Adventures.
P.O. Box 671 , Plains, Montana
United States, 59859
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Cody Carrs Hunting Adventures, Shiras Moose hunt Cody Carrs Hunting Adventures, Moose Hunting season 2014 Cody Carrs Hunting Adventures, Mountain Lion Hunt in Winter Cody Carrs Hunting Adventures. Cody Carrs Hunting Adventures, Clay Cody Carrs Hunting Adventures, Monster Montana Mule Deer 30" Cody Carrs Hunting Adventures, Huge Chocolate Black Bear Cody Carrs Hunting Adventures, Monster Archery Bull

Hidden Valley Outfitters Montana Elk Hunting and Mule Deer Hunting, Whitetail Deer Hunting, Antelope Hunting as well as Mountain Lion Hunting.
Box 444, Wibaux, Montana
United States, 59353
(406) 795-8286
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Hidden Valley Outfitters, Montana Mountain Lion Hunts. Hidden Valley Outfitters, Montana Black Bear Hunts Hidden Valley Outfitters. Hidden Valley Outfitters, Montana Deer Hunting Trips. Hidden Valley Outfitters, Hunting Deer In Montana. Hidden Valley Outfitters, Hunting deer In Montana. Hidden Valley Outfitters, Montana Deer Hunting Outfitters. Hidden Valley Outfitters, Trophy Deer Hunting In Montana.

K Lazy Three Outfitters Elk Hunting In Montana | Montana Elk Hunting Outfitters | Montana Elk Hunting
664 HWY 10 East , Big Timber, Montana
United States, 59011
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K Lazy Three Outfitters, Montana Elk Hunting K Lazy Three Outfitters, Hunt Mule Deer In Montana. K Lazy Three Outfitters, Your Hosts The Todd Family K Lazy Three Outfitters, Montana Elk Hunting Outfitters. K Lazy Three Outfitters, Montana Whitetail Deer Hunting. K Lazy Three Outfitters, Deer Hunting Montana K Lazy Three Outfitters, Big Horn Lake Trout Fishing

Scapegoat Wilderness Outfitters Montana Elk hunting, mule deer guided hunts with Scapegoat Wilderness Outfitters
P.O. Box 321, Lincoln, Montana
United States, 59639
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Scapegoat Wilderness Outfitters, Bear Hunting Scapegoat Wilderness Outfitters, Montana Hunting. Scapegoat Wilderness Outfitters, Hunting Mule Deer in Montana. Scapegoat Wilderness Outfitters, Quality Mule Deer Hunts. Scapegoat Wilderness Outfitters, Winter Mule Deer Hunting. Scapegoat Wilderness Outfitters, Mule Deer Hunts Montana. Scapegoat Wilderness Outfitters, Elk Herd

Stockton Outfitters Montana Elk Hunting | Montana Mule Deer Hunting | Montana Black Bear Hunting
1440 Holmes Ave., Ste. #2, Butte, Montana
United States, 59701
(406) 782-9532
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Stockton Outfitters, Tags out in Montana Stockton Outfitters, 2017 Bull Elk Stockton Outfitters, 2017 Cow Elk Hunting Stockton Outfitters, 2017 Montana Elk Hunt Stockton Outfitters, 2017 Mule Deer Buck Stockton Outfitters, 2017 Opening Week Stockton Outfitters, 2017 Archery Elk

Swan Mountain Outfitters Montana Hunting Outfitter, fair chase hunts in mountains of Montana - Swan Mountain Outfitters.
26356 Soup Creek Road, Swan Lake, Montana
United States, 59911
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Swan Mountain Outfitters, 10% Discount for parties of 4 or more! Swan Mountain Outfitters, Elk hunting in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Swan Mountain Outfitters, Guided Mountain Lion Hunts Swan Mountain Outfitters, Montana Whitetail Deer Hunting Swan Mountain Outfitters, Free Chase Black Bear Hunts Swan Mountain Outfitters, Mountain Lion Hunts Swan Mountain Outfitters, Guided Elk Hunts

Wemple Outfitting Montana elk hunting, Montana mule deer hunting, lion hunting, bear hunts also antelope hunting and more.
P.O. Box 1167, Victor, Montana
United States, 59875
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Wemple Outfitting, Antelope Hunting Montana Wemple Outfitting, Bear Hunting Montana Wemple Outfitting, Mule Deer Hunting Wemple Outfitting, Mountain Lion Hunt Wemple Outfitting, Montana Elk Hunt

Elk Hunts

Elk In Montana Offer Hunters An Escape from Modern Troubles
To a beginner, resident or nonresident, trying to learn about elk hunting in Montana can seem like entering a secret society. The elk-hunting world is full of complicated numbers and symbols (210-80, 390-00, HD, WMA, BMA, LPT), intimidating restrictions (“Elk HD 424 is subject to 12-hour closure for the antlerless portion of the general brow-tined bull or antlerless elk season.”), and a thick regulations handbook, but you can hunt elk in Montana comfortably and successfully.

Elk range across several million acres of Montana in 148 separate hunting districts. Most live west of a line running from Glacier National Park to Yellowstone National Park. Roughly half of the annual elk harvest comes from southwestern Montana, in places like the Gallatin and Beaverhead-Deerlodge national forests. Elk also live along the Rocky Mountain Front and in the Big Belt, Little Belt, Pioneer, Bitterroot, Purcell, Mission, and Cabinet mountains, as well as in the Swan, Garnet, and Whitefish ranges.

Once you have a rough idea where you want to hunt, check the FWP elk regulations (available at to see what hunting districts you will be in and the boundaries, special seasons, regulations, and required permits that apply there.

Montana offers some of the longest hunting seasons in the West. Archery begins in early September, backcountry firearms season starts in mid-September, and the general season runs from late October to the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Bowhunters focus on the pre-rut and rut period of September, when they have the best opportunity of calling in a bull. In a few backcountry areas, firearms hunters also can lure bulls by calling during September and early October. Hunting Montana elk this time of year requires peak fitness to reach the high country, where elk live.

A general elk license is the basic license for hunting elk. It can be used only according to the specific regulations of the hunting district in which you hunt. Many Montana districts also offer a separate antlerless (B) license to hunt cow elk, and some require a special permit to hunt bull elk, while cow elk may be available with a general elk license. See General Elk License in your hunting districts in the FWP elk regulations booklet to see what restrictions apply.

Many people accustomed to hunting deer approach Montana elk hunting unprepared. Elk generally move farther and more frequently than deer, so it usually takes more hiking, especially uphill, to reach elk areas. The caliber of rifle or type of bullet used for deer may not suffice for elk, which are much larger. Read up on calibers and loads suggested for hunting elk, and learn where the elk’s kill zone is. Elk often don’t die as easily or quickly as deer, even with a killing shot. Sometimes several shots are required. Mortally wounded elk will often traverse several hundred yards or more before dropping.
Montana proves itself to be a major elk-hunting attraction, and definitely not one to miss out on!

Other Elk Hunting Locations

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