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Ohio Rio Grande Turkey Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Rio Grande Turkey Hunts

Rio Grande Turkey Hunting Across Ohio
Taking on the Rio Grande turkey in the great state of Ohio, according to many experienced hunters, is an experience not to be missed. Ohio provides the perfect backdrop for the Rio Grande, and, as many Ohio hunters have known for years, it’s the place to be.

The Rio Grande wild turkey is native to the semi-arid areas of the southern Great Plains states: Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Northeastern Mexico. The Rio Grande turkey received its common name from the Rio Grande River, which is the water supply bordering the brushy scrub and arid country of its prime range in western Texas and northeastern Mexico. The Rio Grande turkey is in fact a subspecies, first described by George B. Sennett in 1879, who said it was intermediate in appearance between the eastern and western subspecies, hence its scientific name, Meleagris Gallapavo Intermedia.
Originally existing in the millions, the Rio Grande turkey had depleted to extremely low numbers by 1920. Formal programs involving trapping and transplanting were initiated in the 1930's, and today, Rio Grande turkeys exist over much of their original ancestral range, including Ohio.

The Rio Grande turkey, at full maturity, is approximately four feet tall with a slightly smaller body size than the Eastern wild turkey. It is pale and copper-colored, having tail feathers and tail/rump coverts (short feathers located at the base of the tail) tipped with a yellowish buff. An alternating color pattern includes tan feathers with medium or dark brown buffed tips. The Rio Grande turkey’s color is consistently lighter than the Eastern or Florida bird, but is darker than the same feathers in the Merriam or Gould subspecies. Feathers of the Ohio hen breast, sides and flanks are tipped with pale, pinkish buff.

Ohio outfitters of all kinds offer high-quality archery, gun, and Muzzleloader Rio Grande turkey hunts on proven hunting grounds, and they have access to thousands of ideal hunting acreage throughout Ohio. Rio Grande turkey hunting requires experienced, seasoned individuals to put hunters in the right place at the right time, which requires year-round scouting and knowledge of the land and habitat, so be sure you choose an Ohio guide or outfitter with a reputable history.
Ohio land consists of soy beans, corn fields and white oak trees. There are hills, creek bottoms and fields, so one can see how Ohio would be a perfect habitat for the Rio Grande turkey.

Rio Grande turkeys are also famous for providing hunters with exciting hunts, packed with lots of gobbling. Many of these Ohio-based Rio Grande turkey hunts are conducted on large, private ranches with very limited hunting pressure. There is an extraordinary amount of Rio Grande turkeys on Ohio ranches, and hunters will have no problem getting trophy birds.

Other Rio Grande Turkey Hunting Locations

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