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Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting Guides and Outfitters

0X Ranch Texas Hunting Ranch for Whitetail Deer hunting & exotic game hunts.
1946 Private Road 2485, Uvalde, Texas
United States, 78801
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Bow Hunting West Texas Bow Hunting Whitetail Deer, Exotics, Rio Grande Turkey and Hog in West Texas
418 County Road 345 , Merkel, Texas
United States, 79536
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Cross Outfitters Texas Whitetail Hunts | Texas High Fence Hunts | Texas Guided Hunts | Texas Hunts | Texas Hunting
1713 Weston Rd , San Angelo, Texas
United States, 76901
325-617-2550 Office
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Flying 5 B Ranch Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Destination and Corporate Retreat Flying 5 B Ranch
113 Aviator Drive, Fort Worth, Texas
United States, 76179
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RECORDBUCK RANCH  Record Buck boasts more whitetail deer taken every year than any other hunting ranch in Texas.
7222 County Road 354 , Utopia, Texas
United States, 78884
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RECORDBUCK RANCH , Texas Exotic Hunting Ranch Recordbuck Ranch. RECORDBUCK RANCH , Dining Room Recordbuck Ranch Texas. RECORDBUCK RANCH , Texas Whitetail Deer & Exotic Combo Hunt. RECORDBUCK RANCH , Trophy Deer Hunts Texas Recordbuck Ranch. RECORDBUCK RANCH , Wild Boar Hunting Texas Record Buck Ranch. RECORDBUCK RANCH , First Class Lodging at Recordbuck Ranch Texas. RECORDBUCK RANCH , Texas Deer Hunts RecordBuck Ranch.

West Kerr Ranch Texas Whitetail Deer Hunts, Texas Exotic Game, Axis Deer, Auodad, Turkey Hunting - West Kerr Ranch
24430 Hwy 83 , Mountain Home , Texas
United States, 78058
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West Kerr Ranch, Wide Buck West Kerr Ranch, Nice Management Buck West Kerr Ranch, Axis Buck on the move West Kerr Ranch, Big Axis Buck West Kerr Ranch, 155" Class Whitetail Buck West Kerr Ranch, Blackbuck West Kerr Ranch, 160" Class Whitetail Buck

Whispering Water Ranch & Resort Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting trips, Turkey Hunting, Texas Hunting Ranch.
P.O. BOX 1416, Menard, Texas
United States, 76859
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Whispering Water Ranch & Resort, 2013 Monsters Whispering Water Ranch & Resort, #2 in Region 4 2013 TBGA Whispering Water Ranch & Resort, 2013 179" 7 1/2 yr old warrior Whispering Water Ranch & Resort, 2014 Spring Gobblers Whispering Water Ranch & Resort, 2012 177" Typical Whispering Water Ranch & Resort, 2012 193" non-typical Whispering Water Ranch & Resort, #3 in the State 2013 TBGA

Whitetail Deer Hunts

Texas Whitetail Deer: A Sportsman’s Dream

If everything’s bigger in Texas, then a lot of hunters have to wonder – is that true of the whitetail deer there as well? Hunting Whitetail Deer in Texas typically occurs from the first day of October to the last day of February – in the case of 2012, leap day! Texas whitetail deer-hunting ranches have consistently produced trophy whitetail bucks in a traditional environment and using only existing native genetics. Many Texas outfitters and hunting guides object to breeding, shooting pens, trucked-in deer, introduction of out-of-state deer, and eartags, which provides for a more natural and enjoyable whitetail hunting experience. This is Texas deer hunting at its best!
Hunting whitetail deer in South Texas is a unique experience that a lot of sportsmen have yet to witness. When you book whitetail hunts with the Covert Ranch, for instance, you get an educational and interesting package to improve your trip, whether you choose to hunt the trophy of a lifetime or a management hunt. Many guides this side of Texas are as well suited to family hunts as they are to corporate and individual hunters, and work with you to make that Texas whitetail trophy your next wall adornment!
The whitetail ranch we recently mentioned – Covert Ranch in South Texas – offers the most detailed advice for a Texas whitetail adventure:
1. Use a .270 (or higher) caliber rifle with at least 150-grain bullets. South Texas whitetail bucks can weigh up to 250 pounds on the hoof, and tracking a wounded animal in the harsh brush country is not the best way to spend your day.
2. Choose reliable, high-weight retention bullets, such as Barnes Triple Shock.
3. Zero your rifle dead-on at 100 yards. You will have one well-placed shot. Then, your hunt is over, one way or the other.
4. If you cannot shoot minute angle of groups of one inch, contact a gunsmith.
5. Practice as much as possible. Do not go on a South Texas whitetail deer hunting trip without confidence in your shot placement and ability to perform under duress and to demonstrate poise and confidence.
To access some of the best whitetail hunting spots in Texas, fly to San Antonio and make your way 100 miles south to Artesia Wells via I-35. This region features an ecclectic variety of species, red sandy loam soil, plenty of water, food plots, and comprehensive game management across all kinds of ranches and hunting services. It seems that southern hospitality, like everything else in Texas, is in fact larger than life – but not quite as big as those whitetail bucks.
Look into the outfitters who are renowned for superior Texas whitetail deer hunts, keeping in mind that the official Texas state record for whitetail buck horn mass is a whopping 48-1/8 inches! Additionally, there is plenty of great bird hunting, including Texas dove, wild blue & wild bobwhite quail, not to mention Rio Grande turkey hunting.

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