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Wyoming Eastern Turkey Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Eastern Turkey Hunts

Wyoming Eastern Turkey Hunts
The turkey hunting on a Wyoming ranch is excellent. The turkey population is very high, there are a lot of gobblers, and Eastern turkey hunters see a huge amount of jakes. Though it can’t be guaranteed, most guides in Wyoming do expect a 100% harvest success, partially because of the land being well managed in the past. Try the lodges up in the Black Hills forest-type country with a lot of timbered canyons to hunt. The Wyoming season coincides with the heavy strutting period of Wyoming Eastern turkeys and because sportsmen usually hunt private ground, you won’t run into a lot of call-shy Eastern turkeys. 

Wyoming Eastern turkey hunts are often semi-guided. The guides can show you the area and places where Eastern turkeys roost, but if you need to travel to other parts of a private ranch, for instance, you will need to use your own vehicle for transportation.

Thousands of acres of ranches are uniquely positioned near the Black Hills in Wyoming. They convert from timbered canyon country to river bottom meadows to sagebrush prairie. Wildlife – including Eastern turkeys – lives, feeds, and reproduces in the greatest abundance on the edge of one environment change to the next. The variety of habitat on the ranches has given them a very highly diversified wildlife population. Mule deer, whitetail deer, antelope, Eastern turkey, sharp tail grouse, sage hens, eagles, bobcats, coyotes, fox, beaver and prairie dogs, just to name the major species. This allows the Wyoming Eastern turkey hunter to experience a variety of wildlife viewing and hunting and Trout fishing.

Many Wyoming ranches are well off the beaten path. The roads are well maintained and, except for extreme weather conditions, any two-wheel drive outfit can make the trip. Commercial flights are available into Rapid City, SD, which is 110 miles away, or Gillette, WY, which is 75 miles away.
In Wyoming, temperatures range from 60 degrees to minus 20 degrees. Conditions range from good, dry, solid ground to wet, muddy ground or slippery, snow-covered ground. So, arrive prepared for everything in your Eastern turkey Wyoming adventure!

Wyoming guides, according to many online forums, are good Eastern turkey hunters and good people. They will do their best to help you find your way around the ranch, see some good animals and help plan your Eastern turkey-hunting strategy. Some Eastern turkey hunters like a lot of assistance and some don't, so they try to meet your individual desires. Wyoming combination hunts supply a lot of variety and pretty much fill your day, if you like a lot of activity. You can hunt deer early and late, and then hunt antelope and Eastern turkey during the midday.

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