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Wyoming Elk Hunting Guides and Outfitters

Adventures West Recreation Wyoming Hunting Outfitters and Hunting Guides. Find the hunt of a lifetime within your budget.
, Sheridan, Wyoming
United States, 82801
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Savery Creek Outfitters Wyoming Elk Hunting | Wyoming Mule Deer Hunting | Wyoming Antelope Hunting
PO Box 189 , Savery, Wyoming
United States, 82332
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Savery Creek Outfitters, 2013 Deer Savery Creek Outfitters, Antelope Hunting Outfitters Wyoming Savery Creek Outfitters, Trophy Bear Hunts Wyoming Savery Creek Outfitters, Big Mule Deer Savery Creek Outfitters Savery Creek Outfitters, Archery Elk Hunting In Wyoming Savery Creek Outfitters, Archery Bear Hunts Wyoming Savery Creek Outfitters, Mule Deer Rifle Hunt

Table Mountain Outfitters Wyoming Hunting Guides - Wyoming Hunting Outfitters
PO Box 2714 , Cheyenne, Wyoming
United States, 82003
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Table Mountain Outfitters, Mule Deer Hunting Table Mountain Outfitters, Pronghorn Hunting Table Mountain Outfitters, Elk Hunts Table Mountain Outfitters, Nice Mule Deer Table Mountain Outfitters, Wyoming Elk Hunting Table Mountain Outfitters, Pronghorn Hunt Table Mountain Outfitters, Antelope Hunt

Wyoming Come hunt with Wyomings Finest Outfitter. Fair chase trophy hunting guides and lodge
187 Early Creek Rd , Ranchester, Wyoming
United States, 82836
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Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming

Yellowstone Outfitters Elk Hunting in Wyoming Yellowstone Outfitters Wyoming
P. O. Box 1149, Afton, Wyoming
United States, 83110
(800) 447-4711
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Yellowstone Outfitters, Charlie Centeno & Lynn Madsen Yellowstone Outfitters, Lynn Madsen, outfitter Yellowstone Outfitters, LeAnn & Cutthroat trout Yellowstone Outfitters, Cutthroat trout Yellowstone Outfitters, Brandon Yellowstone Outfitters, Kyle Yellowstone Outfitters, 2011 bull

Tyler Sims Outfitting Wyoming elk Hunting Outfitter, Antelope, Mule Deer Hunting.
939 HWY 13, McFadden, Wyoming
United States, 82083
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Lockwood Outdoors Antelope Hunting, Mule Deer Hunts, Whitetail Deer Hunts and Elk Hunting with Lockwood Outdoors.
, , Wyoming
United States,
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Lockwood Outdoors, Quality Antelope Hunts Lockwood Outdoors, Elk Hunts Lockwood Outdoors, Hunting Antelope Lockwood Outdoors, Wyoming Deer Hunts Lockwood Outdoors, Deer Hunting Lockwood Outdoors, Antelope Hunts Lockwood Outdoors, Mule Deer Hunting

Elk Hunts

Hunting Elk in Majestic Wyoming
Elk hunting in Wyoming is just as exhilarating and adventurous as it sounds! Get in touch with nature, and showdown with one of the largest land mammals in existence! Feel the excitement of Wyoming nature as you stalk the majestic, gargantuan Wyoming elk, and learn about all the great benefits of hunting elk via excellent Wyoming elk-hunting outfitters!
If you plan on hunting elk in the great state of Wyoming, please visit to see the details on each type of elk license available. This can give you a feel for price ranges of Wyoming licenses, as well as give you a good idea of how elk hunts are classified and divided by the Wyoming government.
Hunting success is credited to the great state we hunt, the experience of its hunting guides, and well-maintained equipment to hunt the rugged terrain of Wyoming. That state’s elk-hunting guides put in long days, starting long before daylight, helping them hunt for their trophy Wyoming elk.
It is suggested that a Wyoming elk hunter be in the best physical shape possible, for this is very rugged country, with an altitude of 8500 - 11,000 ft. Horse experience is a plus but not required, as many equestrian Wyoming natives are hunters.
The Wyoming State web site – along with most Wyoming outfitters – seems to frequently recommend that an elk hunter bring on a Wyoming elk pursuit: A Rifle, Binoculars, All-weather boots,
Ammo, A Canteen, An Extra Pair of Gloves, A
Knife, Rain gear, A
Sleeping Bag & Pillow, Towels,
Fluorescent hat, vest or jacket.
You should bring one extra rifle per party and plenty of ammo.
Sight your rifles in at 3" high at 100 yards.
A typical Wyoming hunting day begins about 4:00 AM while your hunting guides get the horses saddled and ready for the long day ahead. You will be in the saddle long before daylight, start your trek into the high rugged mountains, putting you in perfect Wyoming hunting country at around the crack of dawn, give or take – depending on how remote your base camp or lodge is.
The majestic Bull Elk are plentiful in Wyoming, and the bull-to-cow ratio is among the highest in the U.S. Additionally, Wyoming hunters take bulls in the 350-point class often. The hunter has a very high chance of harvesting a branch-antlered bull elk, and Wyoming’s elk herds are higher in population now than in years. The state also has many resident bulls that live on the mountain ranges year-round. Hunting these large elk is an exciting challenge Wyoming hunters look forward to each fall; they begin rifle hunting in late September, and hunt until the last days of October. The application dates are January 1-January 31. The special license fee for Elk is $1,071.00 and the regular license fee is $591.00

Other Elk Hunting Locations

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