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Osceola Turkey Hunting Guides & Outfitters

Osceola Turkey Hunts

Osceola Wild Turkey or Florida Wild Turkey found only on the Florida peninsula. This bird is named for the famous Seminole Chief Osceola, and was first described in 1890. It is smaller and darker than the Eastern Wild Turkey. The wing feathers are very dark with smaller amounts of the white barring seen on other subspecies. The Osceola Turkey is the smallest and one of the most challenging subspecies of Turkey to Hunt. Find an exerienced Osceola Turkey hunting guides to have your next hunt succesful.

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A mature Tom Turkey will only weigh 16 - 18 pounds in his peak breeding state. Despite their weight, wild Turkeys are surprisingly agile fliers and cunning, unlike their domestic counterparts. Turkeys are very cautious birds and will fly or run at the first sign of danger. Turkeys have many vocalizations: "gobbles," "clucks," "putts," "purrs," "yelps," "cutts," "whines," "cackles," and "kee-kees." In early spring, male turkeys, also called gobblers or toms, gobble to announce their presence to females and competing males. The gobble can carry for up to a mile.

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