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Prairie Dog Hunting

Prairie Dog Hunts

Prairie Dog Hunting is the Ultimate Rifleman’s Challenge

Large populations of both black and white-tailed prairie dogs are found throughout Wyoming, Oklahoma and Montana. For a hunter looking for a challenge, prairie dog hunting is a great way to increase your long range shooting skills. Prairie dogs are not currently protected under the Wyoming Game and Fish regulations and have been declared pests under Wyoming Department of Agriculture regulations. In other words, you will be enjoying one of the best sports while helping out the Wyoming community.

Target your Prairie Dog Hunting Destination

South Dakota

The black-tailed prairie dog is found in eastern Wyoming – primarily in the northeastern portion of the state. Black-tailed prairie dogs primarily live in the short grass prairie regions of the state and have large, dense colonies.
The white-tailed prairie dog is found throughout most of Wyoming and is easily found on public land areas of the state. The white-tailed prairie dogs typically live in smaller, less dense colonies (often in sagebrush habitat) which, makes them a fun and challenging target.
No license is required to hunt prairie dogs in Wyoming, but you must get permission to go prairie dog hunting on private property. Some land owners will charge a fee, but most Wyoming land owners are pleased to have a little assistance keeping down their prairie dog populations.
Wyoming has lots of prairie dog hunting excursions adventures available during the summer months and they are a great way to teach a child to be more comfortable with their firearms. Or, for a more experienced rifleman – you can contact the BLM for a map of areas available for prairie dog shooting. If you would rather shoot on private property – the Department of Agriculture can generally provide you with a list of landowners looking for some help with their pests.
If you want to prairie dog hunt in Wyoming, you should bring a quality bench rest/ table and plan on shooting for 6-8 hours. You will also want to bring along your best varmint rifle (or two for continuous shooting) and at least 500 rounds of ammo. Prairie dog hunting can be exhausting, so be sure to bring along water and food, as well.
For a hunter looking for a challenge in gorgeous Wyoming, prairie dog hunting is a great way to increase your long range shooting skills.

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