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Posted on: May-03-2012 07:07 am By:

It was thought that since Southern Ohio had such an unusually mild winter, the turkeys would have already went through there entire breeding cycle by the time our April 23 opening day of turkey season would come. It was predicted that the turkey hunting would be miserable, and that you wouldnt be able to call in the dumbest tom out there. Well the predictions were wrong, or at least here at the P bar J Outfitters. So far, between the youth turkey season, and the first week of regular turkey season, we have been 100% sucessful except for one of our hunters had an opportunity at a massive 10-12 inch bearded tom, but had missed. Other than that we had a 100% succes rate! So when someone tells you that because the weather was wrong, they have already done most of their breeding, and the turkey hunting will be terrible....You tell them to just take a trip to P bar J Outfitters in southern Ohio. And if they say we are just making it all up, then have them call us at 1-(740)-887-2371. We will give them every hunters name and phone number so they can ask for themselves. They will surely never say the same thing ever again.

Reply By: on: May-12-2012 07:14 pm


JC, the man i mentioned had missed his turkey, just came back yesterday and shot a HEAVYWEIGHT, 9 inch bearded tom!

Congratulations to JC on his redemtion tom!

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